Jamboard Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting


To learn about what can be done with the Jamboards at Manhattan College, please see the following Knowledge Base Article: What Can I Do With a Jamboard?


  1. Definitely make use of the phone and tablet Jamboard apps. You may download it on your Android phone, Android tablet, iPhone, and iPad.

Note that phone app capabilities for the Jamboard limit you to only being able to:

  • view the Jam
  • add photos from your device
  • add files from Google Drive
  • add sticky notes

We recommend using the Jamboard app on tablets, since they have the best capabilites allowing you to do all the above and also allowing you to edit the Jam.

  1. You may use an HDMI cable to project an HDMI supported device to the Jamboard. You may select this source by finding the source button located behind the right side of the screen.
  2. You can also stream videos from the YouTube app on the Jamboard.
  3. Also, if you are using the Jamboard in the Charter Room, you have the ability to wirelessly project your device to the Airplay that is connected to the Jamboard.

Note that the Airplay on the Jamboard is a feature that is found exclusively on the Charter Room Jamboard. The library Jamboard does not support Airplay.

  1. Push to Jamboard: If you already have created a Jam, you may "push to Jamboard" to have it displayed on the Jamboard. To do this, make sure you have Bluetooth enabled on your device. Then press the Push to Jamboard button in the top right corner (shown below) and select the Jamboard that you are using. This will display a prompt on the Jamboard asking you to confirm this push. Once confirmed, it will display the Jam on the Jamboard.push to jamboard button


In the event that the Jamboard is having trouble running as it should, you may troubleshoot the Jamboard by turning it on and off. There is a power button located above the source button found behind the right side of the Jamboard. There you should press the button for a few seconds and it will display a prompt to turn off the system. Confirm the prompt and it will proceed to turn off the Jamboard. To turn it back on, simply press the power button to boot it up.

If the issue at hand is a Wifi issue, then navigate to the settings page on the Jamboard and turn the Wifi switch on and off.

If you are having issues pushing a Jam to the Jamboard, check if Bluetooth is enabled on your device. If Bluetooth is on, the issue may be resolved by exiting the Jam and reopening it, and then pushing the Jam again.

For other problems, questions, or comments please contact ITS either via email at its@manhattan.edu or the ITS Help Desk 718-862-7973

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