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This article describes th different types of IP office phone types.


Office phone.


IP Office Phone Types

It is important to know the different types of IP Office phone types at MC. IP Office is more widely used and the system we have historically used. IP Office supports voicemail to email.  The voicemail is added to the email as an attachment and there is no transcript. As we have it enabled, IP office only works through a desk phone. 

To Identify the Type and Model of the phone use the first two numbers to identify the type and the last two numbers to identify the model. See below:

First 2 numbers - Type

14XX - Budget Digital (1403, 1416)

16XX - Budget VoIP (1603, 1608, 1616)

95XX - lder Premium Digital (9542) 

96XX - Premium VoIP (9608) 

Last 2 numbers - Model

XX03 - 3 line phone

XX08 - 8 line phone

XX16 - 16 line phone

XX42 - 4 line phone (as in 9542)

1) Analog Phone Line

  • Should be limited to fax machines at this point since all employees were given a Digital or VoIP phone with speakerphone, callerID, and Transfer last upgrade.

  • It is a traditional phone line.  This is the old small cable and port as you are used to at your home.

2) Digital Phone 

  • Looks the same as VoIP phone, just different model # (1403 or 9452 - note the "4" in the model)

  • About 70% of phones deployed are digital - especially in MGL, MEM, DLS, O'Malley

  • Data Desk phone.  This port looks almost identical to ethernet network jacks, but is not the same and is for phone only.  You can not get a network connection through these ports. 

3) VoIP

  • Looks the same as Digital phone, just different model # (9608, 1603 - note the "3" in the model)

  • Voice Over IP (VOIP).  These work on a network line.

  • VOIP phones typically have a pass through capability so you can run an ethernet wire from a wall to the phone and another from the phone to the PC.  The ports are specific on the back of the phone, you must use the correct ones.  It will not work otherwise.

  • VOIP phones need either a Power Over Ethernet (POE) jack or would need a separate power cord for the phone to power on.

You can not plug these phones into the wrong jack type.  It will not work.

Important Note About Dialing

Please note: When using a Google Voice phone you cannot dial 4 digits, you must dial the entire number.  


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