Open VPN Connection for Windows


A VPN (Virtual Private Network) connects remote employees securely to the Manhattan College network. Viscosity is a VPN client that allows you to secure your network.

If you are installing for the first time you must request OpenVPN files from our Systems Group. Once Systems has shared these files with you, you can continue with the following procedure. If you are setting up a VPN for a client, it is necessary to have the client with you because one of the final steps requires they input their Jaspernet ID and password.


  1. If you have not already requested and received a VPN configuration (.ovpn) file then please email with details for your request.

  2. Download Open VPN for windows here. Select the option for Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11. 

  3. Once the download had completed, click on it to begin the set up. 



  1. Begin the installation process by clicking next.


  3. On the next window, make sure that the terms and agreements box is checked. 



  1. Next, click Install. 


  1. Next, click finish. 



  1. Once you have clicked Finish. The Open VPN app will open up. It should look like the image below. You will see there are four dots at the button of the panel and a left and right arrow. Click on the right arrow until you see an orange “Get started button”. Click on the button. 


  1. Once you have clicked on the get started button you will need to import your profile from a FILE. Make sure that the orange line is underneath the file tab. You can drag and drop your .ovpn file right into the panel. 


  1. Once your file has been added the panel will ask you to enter a username. This is your JasperNet username, which does not include Type in your username and then click connect. 


  1. A new screen will appear asking for your password. This is your password. Type in your password and then click OK. 



  1. You are now ready to go. The Open VPN App should look like this once connected. 


13. To disconnect, toggle the green connection button to off and then click confirm. 


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