Banner 9 Forms Navigation Overview


This article will review how to navigate in Banner Forms 9.


Desktop browser


  • Navigate to Banner as you normally would via or
  • Once you login you will be presented with the Welcome screen which includes a search box.
  • You can search for the application that you desire at this search box. You can use general search terms such as "registration" or enter a form name such as "REG".

  • On the left side menu:
    • The house icon will bring you back to the welcome screen.
    • The 9 square icon will allow you to navigate through the various forms or applications available. 
Hint: (You can actually navigate to Self Service pages in the 9 square icon/Applications section.)
  • The Magnifying glass brings up a search box which functions the same as the search box at the welcome screen.
  • Recently opened shows recently opened forms/applications.
  • Help provides self help resources.
  • Favorites shows any forms you marked as favorite. 
Hint: (To favorite a form/application just click the Star icon.)

For more help, please contact ITS at or 718-862-7973.

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