How to Subscribe to a Community Forum in the Ellucian Customer Center


This article reviews how to subscribe to a forum in the Ellucian Customer Center. This will allow you to subscribe to forums of interest for Banner, Self-Service, and other Ellucian products.


Ellucian Customer Center in a desktop browser.


  • Once logged on, click on “Resources”.


  • Then click on “Community”.


  • Next, click on the plus sign after Browse Forums “+”.

  • Next, click on the “arrow” after 12 Sub Forums under Banner.




  • Next, click on the Subscribe button (highlighted in blue)


  • Now you will start getting important information pushed out to your email from the Banner - Sub Forum you subscribed to.
  • The notifications can get overwhelming. To manage notifications, review the below steps taken from the Ellucian Knowledge Base:
    • On the Customer Center homepage there is a “My Subscriptions and Notifications”. You can view your subscribed items for each content type by clicking on the content type in the left navigation panel

  • You may customize your notification preferences by clicking the notifications tab and then selecting the content type. Each content type has different notifications, so review each type to ensure that it is personalized to your preference.

Notification options are listed by activity: Answer marked correct for a question, Blog posted in a forum, Event posted in a forum, Other's blog marked as helpful, Other's document marked as helpful, Question posted in a forum, Video posted in a forum, Community Daily Digest.

  • NOTE: In addition to the baseline individual email notifications, Ellucian also offers a “Community Daily Digest”. For the Forums and the Topics notification options you will see a ​​​​​​​checkbox for the community daily digest. If you subscribe to a Forum and/or a Topic AND you have the community daily digest box selected for either or both, ALL NEW content created will be included in the email that is sent out daily at 5 AM ET. The digest ONLY includes new blogs, documents, events, questions and videos. If you wish to receive subsequent updates, comments or replies on any of the content types, then you must specifically subscribe to that blog, document, event, question or video.
Hint: (It is highly recommended that you review the “Helpful Links” "Navigate the Customer Center Like a Pro".  This is tremendously helpful. This can be found when you first logon to the Ellucian Customer Center ( on the right side.)

For more help, please contact ITS at or 718-862-7973.

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