Banner 9 Form Mass Entry Athletic Compliance (SGAMSPT)


This article reviews how to mass enter Athletic Compliance using Banner 9 Form SGAMSPT.

"This page is used to perform mass entry athletic compliance processing for athletes with compliance (sport) records. Compliance records must exist on SGASPRT to be updated on this page. Updates can be made even when holds exist. You can search on specific criteria, perform copy, insert, or update processing, and then view the results. When copy functionality is used, existing sport values will be copied by default, or you can overwrite existing values, insert a new attribute, and optionally copy the attributes from the current term to a future term. Current competition data can be copied to the future term.

If no search criteria is entered, the Results window will not display any records. If search criteria is entered that does not include the athletic compliance term, results will only be displayed for queries. A search criteria athletic compliance term code is always required to perform the copy, insert, or update process. When copy, insert, or update criteria is entered, you can manually enter IDs for students with athletic compliance records and then perform updates and process those records from the Results window.

Population selection can be also used to search for athletic compliance records and PIDMs that meet the search criteria of the page. Compliance records are selected first, and then an intersect is performed. PIDMs that exist in the population selection that meet the search criteria are selected and displayed with the results."

Copied from Ellucian documentation:


Banner 9 Forms on a desktop browser.


  • Navigate to Banner Forms as you normally would.
  • Type SGAMSPT into the search box and click the enter key to proceed to the form.

  • You are now brought to the "Search" tab of the form. You will first need to search for the population that you wish to work with. Note that if the available search criteria does not meet your needs, you have the option to search based on a custom population selection. To learn about creating population selections, check out our Population Selection article.
  • You can click on the three dots to the right of each field to see available options.

  • In my example I am going to select Baseball for sport and 202420 for the Athletic Compliance Year.
    • You can also filter by status or the other fields shown.
    • You can also use a previously created population selection as mentioned above.
    • On the search page the Athletic Compliance year is your source year that you will be using for a copy or insert/update function.
  • When done making selections click Results at the top right to ensure the correct population is selected.

  • I did not show the results page for security reasons as it displays people's names and compliance status.
  • Now that you have selected your source population, you need to determine the action you wish to take.
    • Copy copies the existing status to a future term.
    • Insert/Update makes changes to the currently selected term.
  • You can't perform copy and insert/update at the same time. One has to remain untouched.
  • Let's go over Copy first. Click the Copy tab at the top.
  • Select the term you wish to copy to in the Athletic Compliance box. This would be a future term.
  • If needed, make changes to Status, Eligible Academic Eligibility, and/or Athletic Attribute.
    • If left blank current status will be carried over.
  • Check mark Copy current term attributes if you wish to copy them.

  • You will have to go back to the results tab to select all or select the people you wish to copy. Only checked people will copy.
  • Scroll down to the SUBMISSION block on the Results page.
  • Check mark Submit
  • Click Save at the bottom right.

  • You will get a message indicating the action was taken at the top right.

  • For Insert/Update you would follow the same steps as above, except when you get to the Copy instructions skip back down here.
  • Insert New Sport is where you will indicate the sport you wish to copy to. I will select Basketball Men's.
  • If there are any changes needed to other fields make those changes.
  • Again you will need to go to the results tab to select all or some of the people in the search and follow the same instructions above with regard to check marking submit and saving.

  • When you are done making your changes, it is recommended that you do a search on the new term to make sure your desired changes took effect. You would follow the instructions above regarding search.


SGAMSPT documentation:

Hint: (Make sure to look through docs on left side menu.)

For more help, please contact ITS at or 718-862-7973.

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