How to Generate a Population In Banner Forms


This article reviews how to generate a population in Banner Forms. In this example we are selecting all current athletes.


Banner Forms in a desktop browser.


  • Navigate to Banner Forms as you normally would.
  • At the home page, type in "GLRSLCT"
  • Click the form.

  • Type in the application you wish to query. In this example, I will use "STUDENT". If you are not sure which application you wish to query, you can click the three dot menu to see all applications available to select from.
  • Under Selection ID, name your population. I am naming this RAM-ATHLETE for this example as I plan to select only student athletes.

  • Click The down arrow at the bottom of the screen.

  • You will now describe the population in the description field
  • Under definition:
    • The "Select" field is where you enter the PIDM identifier. I am using SGRSPRT_PIDM. You would use the PIDM from the appropriate table you need. 
    • The "From" field is where you enter the table from which you will select the PIDMs. I am using SGRSPRT.
Hint: (If you do not know what to enter in the "Select" and "From" fields, you should stop now and contact ITS for assistance. We will work with you to customize these directions for your needs.)
  • Now you will need to enter your rules or filters.
    • I am using SCRSPRT_TERM_CODE 202420 and SGRSPRT_SPST_CODE AC. Remember to update these rules for the current term and whatever other elements are relevant for you. Note I am using the operator = and I am using the AND. You will need to tweak these to meet your needs.
Hint: (If you do not know what to enter here, you need to contact ITS and we will work with you to generate specific documentation for your needs.)

  • Click Save at the bottom right.
  • Make sure to X out the screen at the top left to compile.
  • This will bring you back to the home screen. 
  • Now you will need to extract the population.
  • Type GLBDATAJ at the home screen.
  • Click GLBDATAJ.

  • Click Go

  • Set printer to DATABASE.
  • Identifier 1 is your population which I named RAM-ATHLETE.
  • The Application code is STUDENT in this example.
  • Creator ID is your banner user name. 
  • Make sure to click into the submission area before clicking save at the bottom right.

  • If you would like to view your population navigate to the form "GLAEXTR".
  • It should populate the information for you, but otherwise, enter the application, creator ID and population name.
  • Click Go.

  • I am excluding the screen shot showing the population for privacy reasons.

For more help, please contact ITS at or 718-862-7973.

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