Banner 9 - "Nothing Happens When I Click This Button"


A problem that may be encountered in Banner 9 will prevent you from receiving any feedback when interacting with the interface. If you get this issue, check around for pop-up blocking issues. An alert to allow pop ups from "" should be showing on the screen. This domain is Banner Production, so it is safe and should be allowed to produce pop ups.

This is what the pop up window looks like.

Image depicts how to enable popups for Banner


This issue can occur in Chrome or other Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer.


Internet browsers by default tend to block pop ups due to their sometimes invasive nature.


To allow pop ups in your Internet browser, look for the alert provided by your Internet browser. Click on the little red icon and then select Always allow pop-ups from

Image depicts how to enable popups for Banner

Now when you navigate through Banner it should allow you to have feedback when clicking on certain buttons in Banner.

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