How to Use AirMedia on Windows Devices


AirMedia is a new feature in select classrooms on campus that allow you to wirelessly project your computer screen.



Web browser


  1. To get started with AirMedia, select the AirMedia button found on the Crestron unit.
  2. There, you will see an AirMedia screen pop up on the projector.
  3. At the top of this screen, you will find an IP address, which you will then type into your browser's address. Note that this IP address is not static, meaning it will not remain the same.
  4. You will see two download buttons: one for Windows, and one for Mac.
  5. Select the Windows button and proceed to download the executable file. You will want to save this executable file to your desktop for easier use.
  6. Once the file is present on your desktop, you can run the file.
  7. Once the software is downloaded, you do not have to repeat these steps when reconnecting at a different time, you just have to run the file again.
  8. Now it will give you the option to proceed onto connecting to the projector via AirMedia. 
  9. Enter the four digit code found on the screen, and then you should be able to present. After each use, this code will reset.

image depicts buttons for airmedia controls

  1. Make sure when you are done presenting that you click the X button to quit Airmedia.
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