Removing the Start Screen in Microsoft Office on Windows


Microsoft Office has a Start screen that appears when you open any Office program. To bypass the start screen so that it will immediately open a blank doc, follow the instructions below.




First, launch a Microsoft Office app of your choice. For this example, we opened Word. Create a blank document so that you can access the application’s menu, and then choose File > Options > General. Note that if you want to change this setting for all Office programs, you will have to do it manually for each as there is no universal setting for disabling for Start screen.

image depicting the start menu in microsoft office

At the bottom of the Options window is a section labeled “Start Up Options.” Here, uncheck the box for “Show the Start screen when this application starts.” Press OK when you’re done to save your change, then close the Office application and re-launch it. You’ll notice that instead of the start screen, the app loads directly into a new blank document.

image depicting the option for showing the start screen when this application starts

This method gives clients the most flexibility, as the change only applies to specific apps chosen by the client.

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