Using Google Drive File Stream in Computer Labs


Computer labs across Manhattan College now have Google Drive File Stream. This will allow you to access your files on Google Drive as if it was an extra hard drive or flash drive on the computer.


After logging into a lab computer, you must open Google Drive File Stream by navigating to the Start button located in the bottom left corner of the screen.

There you will see a list of programs.

Scroll down until you see Drive File Stream.

image depicting where to open Drive File Stream

Once you click on this, it will open a screen that asks for your credentials. 

First enter your Manhattan College email, with the "" included.

image depicting where to enter your credentials

You will be prompted to enter your Jaspernet credentials:

image depicting where to type your manhattan college credentials

Note that you must enter your JasperNet credentials since Drive File Stream is only available to G Suite for Education users. All Manhattan College accounts are G Suite for Education accounts. Personal Gmail accounts will not work for File Stream.

Once you log in, you will now be able to access your Drive files by navigating to This PC. When you click on the highlighted drive, you will have access to My Drive and Team Drives.

image depicting the my drive and team drive options when viewing My PC in the Computer labs

When you have finished your work, follow the normal log out procedure. 

There is no need to log out of File Stream.

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