Playing Video with Kramer VIA GO


With the VIA GO wireless presentation system, AirPlay Version 2, you have two ways to seamlessly stream video.  








First method: Mirroring a video from your laptop.

  • Select "Present" on the VIA App, so that your screen is mirrored to the Main Display
  • Select a video you would like to add and select Open.
  • For more instructions on how to connect please view this Quick Start Guide or Alternate Start Guide Instructions.


Second Method: Drag/Drop Media directly to VIA.

Hint: This method will work better and show an improved display because it provides a direct connection from the VIA to the projector:
  • On the left-hand side of the VIA dashboard you see a small VIA logo.
  • Select the file you want to play from any folder on your device.
  • Drag the file to the VIA  logo only. The video does not play if you try to drag the file to the left, right, below or above the logo.
  • Once the file is dropped onto the VIA logo, the video will immediately initiate play back.


presenting screen


Note: Without using the VIA software, media files can be played from your device using native media players you have installed such as QuickTime and/or Windows Media Player. However, if you choose this method and do not use VIA for video playback, your video is only mirrored to the display. Using this method, you may experience lower frame rates, inconsistent playback and increased latency, depending on your laptop system performances.


Another way to display video:

  • Navigate and Select the Features box
  • Select Multimedia
  • Select Add Media
  • The file is then displayed within the “My Media” section.
  • Double-click the media file and the video will begin playing.


select multimedia screen



add media screen


If you are experiencing issues with this feature please contact IT Services for support:

TEL:  718-862-7973


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