Chancellor's Room Checklist

Chancellor’s Room Checklist

Instructions for starting a conference call

To “Call a Phone”

Video Conf button on Crestron must be selected
Crestron on Podium & digital Crestron screen mirror each other 

2 ways to call someone

CALL A PHONE icon (starts a new meeting)
Or  START A NEW MEETING icon then add people email or phone call

Volume Control: located in 2 places 

Crestron digital (arrows on right of screen) podium: manual dial knob
Google meet hardware touch screen (once you have opened a meeting volume control is on the upper right of screen)

Projector Screen / Light Control:

  • You must manually press the buttons to raise & lower the projector. 
  • The controls are found:
    • on the bookshelf by the camera 
    • on the podium at the front of the room
  • The room lights automatically dim when the projector screen is lowered 
  • Adjustment  for the lights is on the projector screen control panel
  • The projector screen & light control do not work independently.
  • If you want the lights to stay on after the projector screen is lowered, you must wait until the screen is fully lowered before you can turn the lights on/off.

Display screen control on podium

image depicting the projector screen and light controls

Any meetings that are scheduled in the room will show up on the Chromebox for meetings touch control unit & on the projector screen.
Note:  VIDEO CONF must be selected first

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