Chancellor's Room Control Unit Guide

image depicting the chancellor's crestron touch screen unit found on the table

image depicting the troubleshooting guide for chancellor's room


Connecting to the Podium or Table


  1. To connect to the podium or table, insert one of the A/V inputs into your device. There are A/V inputs built into the table and also in the podium.
    Note: If using VGA and you need audio, be sure to also connect the headphone jack to your device's headphone port.

image of where to connect to podium

  1. Select a Source on the Crestron unit. This should automatically turn the projector on. Select either Table or Podium depending on where your device connected.
    Note: If you have two devices connected to the same A/V input panel (using both VGA and HDMI), the device connected via HDMI will always "win", and you will need to unplug the HDMI cable in order to view the device that is connected via VGA.
  2. Next, Select Screen Down on the Screen & Lighting Control Unit to lower the projector screen.
  3. If your presentation requires audio, test and adjust the volume using the volume knob on the Crestron Control Unit. If the sound level is still low, check that the volume is all the way up on your computer and/or in the program on the computer.

If you have any further trouble, please contact us at or (718) 862-7973.
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