Introduction to 25Live

​25Live is Manhattan College’s web-based event publishing and scheduling software solution. 25Live enables users to view event information in real time and request the use of Manhattan College space 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any connected device.

Accessing 25Live

There is a 25Live Pro version that provides a more robust dashboard menu. Please visit this 25Live Pro category for more information.


Getting started with 25Live:


Quick Search:

The “Quick Search” box allows you to quickly and easily search for Events, Locations, and Resources.  Drill down deeper to find event details and location detail and availability.

Starred Areas:

Starred searches can be configured to help you quickly access Locations, Events, or Resources based on simple yet powerful queries.  Starred Locations, Events, and Resources are “bookmarks” to items that you frequently access.

Event Wizard:

The event wizard tab is the easiest way to request an event or room reservation.  The event wizard will guide you through the steps to plan your event, request space, as well as other resources needed to support your event.


Additional Resources:

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