Using Google's Speech to Text Tools


Speech recognition tools allow you to dictate words to your computer instead of using a keyboard. This is especially useful for Google Docs. For speech recognition to work on your computer, you must have a microphone connected. When following these steps, you may be asked to allow permission for your microphone to be used, select Allow.

Tools such as these can make it much easier to put your thoughts to text without having to type on a keyboard.


Google Docs - Google Chrome


  1. With Google Docs, you have access to a built-in speech recognition tool called Voice typing.
  2. To get started with Google's built-in voice typing, create or open the Google Doc that you would like to add speech to text. There, navigate to the Tools and select Voice Typing. image depicting the voice typing feature in google docsThis will open a widget within the Google Docs that will listen once you click the microphone, and convert your speech to text. 
  3. When you are finished, you can simply click the microphone again to stop it from listening to you.
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