Checking the Approver Status in 25Live Pro


When you submit a request for a space, you must check 25Live Pro to see if your event has been approved by a space approver. The space approver is someone that is responsible for either accepting or denying the space request. The space approvers vary depending on the space you are requesting. This Knowledge Base Article will show you how to check the status of your event request, in addition to the space approvers.

Hint: Events held in Kelly Commons and Smith Auditorium are managed Events Management.


25Live Pro


  1. To check the status of your event after creating it in 25Live Pro, you must first navigate to 25Live Pro.
  2. You can find 25Live Pro by selecting the Reserve a Room - 25Live quicklink in Inside Manhattan. There, select 25Live Pro from the bottom of the 25Live mobile view page. image depicting the location of the 25Live Pro link of the 25live mobile view
  3. Navigate to Upcoming Events and select the event that you wish to check the status of.
  4. Next, select Task List under the name of the event. 
  5. image depicting the room approvers in 25Live Pro
  6.  There, you will be able to view the status in the Status column, and the space approvers under the Assigned To column.
Hint: This is where you can see the other events that need to be approved, with regards to the appropriate space approver.


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