Google Meet Hardware Instructions

Google Meet Hardware Instructions

Certain rooms around campus now have Google Meet Hardware installed. These devices will allow you to create and join Google Meet. To start or join a Google Meet you would have to navigate through or your Google Calendar.

To get started with Google Meet in a Crestron room, push the Video Conference button found on the Crestron unit. You will be presented with this screen. To get started in a room with no podium, power on the Chromebox and you will be presented with the same screen. You will find a tablet that acts as a control hub for the Google Meet Hardware.

To start a new meeting: If you do not having a meeting code and would like to begin a meeting, you may press Start a Meeting on the tablet shown in the image to the right. This will begin a video conference where you will be given a meeting code that you can share with others so that they may join. This meeting code can be found on the tablet once the meeting has started. You can also select Call a Phone to connect someone via phone.

Hint: An optimal audio connection can be achieved by connecting to a Google Meet with a laptop instead of a phone.

tablet for google hangouts meet

To enter a scheduled meeting:

If a Meeting was scheduled in the room using Google Calendar, then the meeting will show up on the tablet along with any other meetings that may be taking place. You can select the meeting from there and it will enter the scheduled meeting.

To use a meeting code:

If you happen to have a meeting code, enter the code after selecting Use a Meeting Code. It must be entered without any dashes. For example, a meeting code with the format “abc-defg-hij” would be entered as “abcdefghij” excluding the quotes and dashes.

Hint: Please remember to power off all the units. Turning off these devices extends the life and conserves energy for everyone.

What is Google Meet Hardware?

Google Meet Hardware is a device that enables video conferencing powered by Google. It boasts the ability to simultaneously connect up to 25 video sessions. Meetings are designated by their unique.

Google Meet Hardware Features:

  • Powered by Google Meet– anyone with your meeting code can join your meetings from the web, mobile device, or telephone.
  • Video conferencing with anyone, anywhere– instantly schedule meetings with dozens of internal and external participants up to 25 devices.
  • Share and collaborate in an instant– enjoy real time, wireless sharing and collaboration with nothing more than a link.
  • Full HD 1080p camera with automatic resolution switching based on available bandwidth and automatic low-light correction, camera position controls, as well as a microphone and speaker with features such as noise filter, mute, and end call.
  • Touch screen tablet controls– start a new or already scheduled meetings and control many settings such as the camera position controls.

Meeting Codes:

If you are not given a meeting code to join, there are multiple ways that you can obtain a meeting code.

To create a new meeting code from the Meets website:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select the sign in button in the top right corner and proceed to log in with your JasperNet Credentials.
  3. Once signed in, you will be able to start a new meeting which will provide you with a meeting code directly under where it says “Meeting Ready”. Note that when you use this code to join a meeting, you must only use the 10 letter code at the end of the URL

To obtain a meeting code from a Google Calendar event:

  1. Navigate to your Google Calendar event.
  2. Select the event, which will display the event details.
  3. There it should show you a tab that shows “Join Google Meet.” Underneath a URL with a 10 letter code at the end of the URL in the format, “abc-defg-hij”. You will then use this code without the dashes as the meeting code on the Chromebox in the room.

Presenting to Room:

To present to remote participants:

  1. Navigate to the meeting join screen either through or the Join Meeting button in Calendar event or email.
  2. Select the PRESENT TO MEETING button. This will allow you to present a laptop to a meeting without the camera or microphone activated on the laptop that is presenting. present to meeting button
  3. The next screen will prompt you to either share your entire screen or an application window. After clicking on an option, select Share and you will be presenting to the meeting.

For more help, please contact ITS at or 718-862-7973.

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