Organizer/Moderator of Video Conf. Best Practices


Please refer to this article if you are organizing or moderating a video conference call. Listed are the pre-meeting communications that should go out and important moderator reminders. 

Pre-Meeting Communications

1. Send out the below related knowledge base articles before the meeting. Pre-meeting communications linking out knowledge base article should be sent out in advanced with enough time for the participants to read through the material.

2. In the communication, make sure that you remember to include the following:

  •  Remind your participants to mute themselves when they are not talking. This is very important as it will help to avoid any echoing during the presentation.
  •  Remind your participants to check all their necessary equipment prior to the meeting to ensure there are no equipment failures during the meeting.
  •  Ask participants to make sure that they have a quiet place with minimal to no background noise in which they can listen to and participate in the meeting

4. Please consider leaving your meeting and then rejoining it if you are experiencing any connectivity or audio issues.

3. In your communications, explain to participants that we recommend using the Google Meet app. We recommend that if you are dialing in from a smart phone that you download the Google Meet app and join the meeting that way. You can more easily see the participants in the meeting and manage your audio and mute settings. The Google Meet app can be found in the App Store for apple products and Google Play for Android users. 

Important Organizer Reminders 

  1. Important: At the beginning of the meeting make sure to remind your participants again to mute themselves when they are not speaking. This is important because it will help with echoing during the meeting.

    The meeting Organizer will be the only person able to mute guests who enter the meeting unmuted. The organizer should be present during the Meet if someone else is present in order to mute people who have distracting audio and bounce people who are not doing what is expected. 

       2.  Perform a sound test with all remote attendees to ensure everyone's audio is functioning properly. 

       3. Remind your participants that if they are calling in from a cell phone that they may simply mute themselves using the mute button on their phone, but if they have been muted by someone else in the meeting they must dial *6 to unmute themselves. 

Hint: When you mute someone else who is dialing in with a phone, a message will come through on their phone telling them they have been muted and instructions for how to unmute. If they are not within hearing distance of the phone when the mute occurs then they will likely be confused as so to why no one can hear them. At the beginning of the meeting explain to your participants that if they are having issues being heard to try and dial *6 to fix the issue. 

4. Please consider leaving your meeting and then rejoining it if you are experiencing any connectivity or audio issues.

Moderator/Participant Best Practices Intro Video to Play at Conferences/Meetings

You can use this video created with helpful reminders for best practices for the moderator and participants to play before your conference or meeting beings. 


For more help, please contact ITS at or 718-862-7973.

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