Google Meet Meetings with Dial-in Phone Numbers


Google Meet has just added a new feature which allows you to connect to a meeting using a phone number as an alternative to the meeting code. This is especially useful if you would like to quickly join the meeting on-the-go via a phone call. This feature will automatically be selected when you select the Google Meet conferencing option while creating a calendar event in Google Calendar. Note that this dial-in feature uses an international phone number, which allows meeting participants in other countries to join the meeting.

To Dial-In: Use your phone to dial the number in the Invite from your calendar (pictured below). If you were not invited to the meeting, please reach out to the meeting host and ask them to give you the join-by-phone information or add your email to the invite. 



Please Note: You cannot add phone numbers to a Google Meet invite or while you are currently in a Google Meet. A persons email must be added to the invite and then they can dial in with the number given from the invite or they can join on the app from their phone. 


Please visit this Knowledge Base Article for more information about Google Meet: Google Meet

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