Video Conferencing Best Practices and Troubleshooting Guide

Best Practices for Video Conferencing


  • Test connections before engaging in a meeting to ensure a solid video connection.
  • Make sure to have adequate room lighting so that remote participants can see clearly.
  • Avoid wearing clothing that has stripes, plaid, polka dots, and bright colors which may cause distracting effects on the screen. Wearing neutral, muted or solid colors will help avoid this.


Hint: Please mute yourself when you are not speaking to avoid echoing during the meeting.
  • Distance microphones from speakers.
  • Keeping microphones away from speakers will limit echo and feedback.
  • We recommend using a Jabra Speak wireless mic for clearer and efficient meetings.
  • When available, prefer "computer audio" or "app audio" over traditional dial-in for a better audio experience


  • Establish visual cues to indicate contributions from participants.
  • Have someone make sure everyone is connected and included in any conversations.
  • Have a backup plan in case there is trouble connecting to the meeting. (i.e. distribute a contact phone number)

Moderator/Participant Best Practices Intro Video to Play at Conferences/Meetings

You can use this video created with helpful reminders for best practices for the moderator and participants to play before your conference or meeting beings. 

Video Conferencing Troubleshooting


  • If the video feed is cut off or not properly displayed, adjust the camera to the best angle to ensure optimal coverage.
  • If you are dropped from a conference, rejoin through the link or invite.
  • Change WiFi or move to a location with a strong signal if the video feed is pixelated.


  • If you are experiencing echo, use headphones, especially one that has echo cancellation.
  • If you experience a feedback loop, mute all mics when in a room with a speaker.
  • If there is too much background noise, avoid using a mobile device speaker, or use headphones with noise cancellation features.
  • Adjust the volume output settings if there is trouble hearing a participant.
  • If you are getting notifications on your device during a meeting, you can mute them through settings.
  • Please consider leaving your meeting and then rejoining it if you are experiencing any connectivity or audio issues.

image depicting the best practices for video conferencing

image depicting the video conferencing troubleshooting page

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