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Faculty Load Reporting Workflow

Faculty Load Reporting

The Faculty Load Reporting Workflow replaces the Faculty Load Worksheet Excel spreadsheet.  The new workflow replicates the former spreadsheet process and adds a notification and approval workflow that allows Faculty, Chairs, Deans, and the Provost’s Office to view and manage Faculty Load submissions in a consistent and transparent manner.  A number of data points are preloaded from the Banner SIS (Student Information System) and the opportunity exists to correct and/or supplement this data during the submission process.


Teaching Assignments

In the workflow, teaching assignments are pre-loaded directly from the Banner SIS (Student Information System).  For phase I, “Load” is pre-calculated based on existing formulas, but available for Faculty to override (with comment).


Release Time Assignments

Faculty have the ability to add the same Release Time Assignments as defined in the previous Faculty Load Worksheet.  Multiple Release Time Assignments (and corresponding load) can be entered for each term.  Comments may be added for each assignment.


Summary and Submission

Load and other pertinent information are calculated and saved upon update.  Faculty have the ability to update and save the working form at anytime.  The “Submit for Approval” button will submit all data for approval by starting the notification and approval workflow as well as update the submission form to READ-ONLY.  All data submitted for approval will be available via the same form in a read-only configuration throughout the approval process.  The detail and summary of each academic year’s submission will be available to Faculty as a historical archive in future years.

Comparison of Current Faculty Load Work Sheet and New Faculty Load Worksheet

Below find a diagram that outlines a comparison of the Existing Excel Faculty Load Work Sheet on the left. The diagram on the right is pointing to  where this data is populated in the new Worksheet. To access the New Faculty Load Worksheet:

  1. click on Banner Self Services Tab
  2. click on Faculty Services Tab
  3. click on Faculty Work Load Academic Year Submission:


Click  Comparison of Faculty Workflow  for a larger view of above worksheet.

Attached video gives a brief overview comparing the old Faculty Load Worksheet to the new Faculty Load Worksheet with Self-Service Faculty Workload.

Video Comparing old Faculty Load Worksheet to the New Faculty Load Worksheet

Overview of New Self Service Faculty Workload Approval Process

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