How to Add a Second Device to your Duo Account


If you would like to add a secondary device to your Duo MFA account, such as a work phone or tablet, you must always add that device as a Tablet. This is because a phone number is already attached to your Duo account if you have one device on it, so you will not be able to add a second phone number to the account. Make sure that you add secondary phones as Tablets, and that you have Duo Mobile installed on your device prior to beginning this process.


Web Browser


  1. Log in to your Manhattan College email account as normal.

  2. On the left side of the screen, click on Add a New Device.


  1. The next screen will ask you to log into Duo as normal. Choose to receive a Duo Push or a Passcode. This is however you usually authenticate.


  1. The next screen will ask you what type of device you are adding. Regardless of whether you are adding a phone or tablet, select Tablet

        5. Select whether you have an IOS or Android device.

         6. Scan the barcode given onscreen.


        7. Your new device will appear in the My Settings and Devices section.  Make sure that you choose the correct device to authenticate when you need to log in.


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