Tower Cluster Technical Specifications

ITS manages the centrally and freely available Tower high performance computing cluster. Tower is comprised of 10 nodes, 1 head node, 8 CPU compute nodes, and 1 GPU compute node. Each node has approximately 900GB of local scratch space. /home directories located on the head node have 50GB of storage per user. Nodes are interconnected with a 100Gbps RoCE Ethernet interconnect. Jobs are submitted to Tower with the Slurm job scheduler.


Tower's technical specifications are as follows:

Node Type Quantity

CPU Specification

Memory GPU
AMD Compute 5 AMD Milan EPYC 7543 - 32 Cores/2.8GHz 256GB  
Intel Compute 3 2x Intel Xeon Gold 6154 - 18 Core/3.00Ghz 320GB  
GPU Compute 1 AMD Milan EPYC 7543 - 32 Cores/2.8GHz 256GB 3x NVIDIA A30 24GB

In total, Tower has 300 CPU cores, 2496GB of memory, and 3 NVIDIA A30 24GB GPUs.

Faculty can request access to the Tower Cluster via this form.

If Tower's resources are less than what you need, please fill out this form to discuss access to greater computational resources via the ACCESS program, the National Research Platform, or the Open Science Grid.

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