Access to Supercomputing Resources

If your research requires computing resources greater than on campus computing resources, ITS can help facilitate access to supercomputers across the United States via the ACCESS program.

Systems available via these resources include:

  • Stampede2 and Stampede3 Supercomputers at the Texas Advanced Computing Center, containing over 350,000 CPU cores and 700TB of memory.
  • Delta GPU Supercomputer at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, which contains 400 NVIDIA A100 GPUs.
  • Open Storage Network allocations

ITS can also provide access to distributed high throughput computing resources such as the Open Science Grid (OSG) and National Research Platform (NRP).

To learn more about these resources, or to see if what is the best fit for you, please fill out this form.


Access to these resources are made possible by NSF Grant #2322110: CC* Networking Infrastructure: Improving Science Data Flows with Advanced Networking and Cyberinfrastructure at Manhattan College


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