Saving Parameters in Banner Forms


In this article we review how to save parameters in Banner Forms. It is good practice to save parameters when you expect to reuse those parameters in the future. This will save you time.


Banner Forms on a desktop browser.


  • Navigate to Banner Forms as you normally would. 
  • Navigate to the form that you wish to work on. In this example we are using SGPADVA.
  • Once you have filled out the required fields, take note of the Submissions section at the bottom. 
  • To save the parameter, click the check mark to the left of "Save Parameter Set", name it a relevant name, make sure to also fill out the description field.
  • Click Save.

  • When you navigate back to that form, click on the three dot menu to the right of "Parameter Set" to find the parameter you saved.

  • Make sure your desired parameter set is selected and then click "SELECT" at the bottom right.

  • Note it is now populated in the Parameter Set area.
  • Click Go and your form will load with the specified Parameter Set.

  • Note that the parameters previously set are now loaded.

  • You can save multiple parameter sets per form.

For more help, please contact ITS at or 718-862-7973.

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