Moodle 3.5 Navigation Tip: The Hamburger Menu


The Hamburger Menu in Moodle is a feature in the new Moodle 3.5 that provides you with quick and easy access to many of the important features that Moodle has to offer.

These features include:

  • Dashboard
  • Site Home
  • Calendar
  • Private files
  • My courses

The hamburger icon can be accessed from anywhere in Moodle, providing for easy navigation.


To use the Hamburger Menu, simply navigate to the icon containing three horizontal lines in the top left corner of Moodle.‚Äč

image of moodle home page pointing out hamburger icon

Selecting the hamburger menu will cause the dashboard to either show or disappear. This is especially useful if you would like to keep the content you are viewing on Moodle at its maximum size.image focussed on hamburger icon

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