Moodle Question/Training


Moodle is Manhattan College's Learning Management System (LMS). ITS provides consultation services on various Moodle issues, questions, or training.


  • ITS can consult with you to find a resolution to a Moodle Issue.
  • ITS provides support and consultation for questions and training related to Moodle.

Getting Started

Select your desired service from the menu to the right.  Alternatively, you can also email or call 718-862-7973.


ITS provides troubleshooting support for this service. For other help setting up courses, please see this course developed by the Instructional Design team: Continuity Planning for Teaching and Learning

Support Availability

Please visit the Client Services and Support webpage for support availability.


This service is available to Manhattan College faculty and students.


ITS will reply to requests within 6 hours of being placed.

Moodle Question/Training

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