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In the event that a file path is broken, usually when the original file is moved or deleted, it will cause the shortcut to become broken. This article will explain how to fix the file paths so that the shortcut will work.





To fix broken file paths, you can simply delete the broken shortcut, locate the original file and create a new shortcut.

If you do not want to manually locate and create new shortcuts, you will have to follow this method which will require you to know the file path address of the original file that has been moved or deleted. To find the file path address of the original file, simply right click on the original file and copy the location. You will have to add the file name to the of the location address. For example, if the location of a file named image.jpg is C:\User\John\Downloads, then the file address would be C:\User\John\Downloads\image.jpg.

Then you can also right click on the shortcut, and select Properties. 

 image depicting the properties button for shortcuts in windows


Once you open up the properties, you will see a target for the shortcut. The target will have to be changed to the corrected file path address that you found earlier.

image depicting the target address which has to be changed to the corrected file path address

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