Using your Duo Hardware Token (MFA)

Hint: Please note that you must download the Duo Mobile app in order to use your Token or request special privileges from ITS. Please contact ITS and alert them of the reason you are unable to download the app. 



A Duo Hardware Token is a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) device made by Duo that can be used to support MFA password authentication. You can use it to generate six digit passcode to authenticate access to your account. 


Web browser.


 Please reference the following when using your Duo Hardware Token. 

1. Make sure that you are logging into your JasperNET account with your correct username and password. 

2. Once you have entered that information you will be directed to a new page asking you to choose an option for secondary authentication. 
duo authentication screen
3. Next to the word "Device" there is drop down menu which you will need to click. From there, select "Token"
device drop down menu

4. Once selected the screen will change and you will be asked to select "Enter a Passcode"
enter a passcode screen

5. Please use your Duo Hardware Token to generate a  6 digit passcode and enter it into the red boxed field. Once entered you may select "Log In"
login screen

After setting up a Duo Account, you will need to wait 10 minutes for it to sync.

For more help, please contact ITS at or 718-862-7973.

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