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Services or Offerings?
ITS provides employees assistance with on campus A/V Event setups. Specifically LCD projector and laptop setups. Please note that for Off Hours event setup requests, 2 weeks notice is required.

25Live is Manhattan College’s web-based event publishing and scheduling software solution. 25Live enables users to view event information in real time and request the use of Manhattan College space 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any connected device.

ITS can provide administrative and academic groups with a calendaring application to track and share vacation and other time-out-of-office events with others in your department. As part of this application, we will also provide you with a Google Sheet for aggregating the fiscal-year data.

ITS will provide a loaner projector to employees.

ITS provides training on a wide range of technology solutions customized for the Manhattan College Physical Plant Staff.

Request on demand training for how to use 25Live, the scheduling site needed to book a room on campus.