Campus Web Directory - Update your Information


The campus web directory provides a listing of all current employees including name, title, department, office location (building/room), campus telephone, email address, and other relevant information such as "courses taught" for faculty.

Update your Information

Information for the campus web directory represents what is stored in Banner - the College's centralized database.  To update (or request update) to certain fields, see the directory update instructions.

Many of the directory fields can be directly updated by the employee.  Updates are automatically applied daily after 11PM.  Some fields may require review (such as Title or Department).

Support Availability

Please visit the Client Services and Support webpage for support availability.


This service is available to the Manhattan College faculty and staff in the directory.




Service ID: 14766
Mon 8/29/16 8:15 AM
Mon 4/15/24 9:06 AM