Qualtrics Survey Tool Access


The Qualtrics Survey Platform is a web-based survey service that is available for use by all Manhattan College faculty, staff, and students. The Manhattan College Qualtrics Survey Hosting Service allows the campus community to easily create and distribute surveys, collect and store data, analyze data, and produce reports.

The Qualtrics Platform has evolved over time, and now contains several products.  Manhattan College licenses the Survey Platform, part of the  Research Core. (Note:  Qualtrics offers free accounts, with limited capabilities, on their server. Those creating surveys for Manhattan College should use Manhattan College's hosted instance.) Read on for information on creating your account on Manhattan College hosted instance of Qualtrics.

The Qualtrics survey tool is an easy-to-use, full-featured, web-based tool for creating and conducting online surveys. The survey tool is available at https://manhattan.qualtrics.com


  • a Quick Survey Builder that guides beginners through creating a survey
  • a Survey Library with templates that you can customize to meet your specific needs
  • a tool to send and track participation invitations and reminders
  • a tool to display survey results, graphically and statistically
  • an export data feature, including to Excel or SPSS
  • integration with Manhattan College's Single Sign On system

Getting started

  1. Click the Green Qualtrics button to Create a Qualtrics account and/or log in.

    Anyone with an Manhattan College JasperNet ID can create a Qualtrics account. A Qualtrics account is automatically created for you the first time you log in to the Manhattan College Qualtrics website with your Net-ID and password.

    See the following for information on Setting Up a Qualtrics Account on Manhattan College's hosted site.

    Direct Link to Qualtrics:  https://manhattan.qualtrics.com

  2. Learn how to use Qualtrics.

    Qualtrics provides articles and videos covering how to build, distribute, and generate reports on Qualtrics surveys.  A wealth of information is provided via their Support Site.





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