Paper Timesheet / Group Availability Calendar for Employees


Creating a separate staff "out of office" calendar for your group / department has many advantages:

  • Everyone can see, at a glance, when co-workers will be out
  • The calendar view can be turned on and off as needed by all members of the group
  • With a custom script add-on provided by ITS and strict adherence to how the event is added to this calendar so that it matches up with the Employee Handbook,  a group supervisor can then use this to aid in employee Attendance Tracking

In KB article Time Out / Availability Calendar (Workgroup Solution), ITS has provided instructions for creating a group Google calendar where employees in a group can indicate their out-of-office events.  The calendar view can be turned on and off as needed by members of the group to see when the other members are out of the office.

If members of a group follow the standards ITS recommended in the above KB article for entering their out-of-office events, it is possible to extract all the out-events for the group, and tally them up for a fiscal year.  The view is a digital attendance record for one's group. 

Getting Started

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Please Note: When requesting make sure to include the following in the description: 

  • Name 
  • Department 
  • Group Availability Calendar Name
  • Group Availability Calendar ID 

Support Availability

If you do not have a availability calendar,  please follow this article  Time Out / Availability Calendar (Workgroup Solution) to create your own. You may then request this service.

Please visit the Client Services and Support webpage for support availability.  


This service is available to all of the department on campus at Manhattan College.   

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