Equipment Loan


ITS provides loaner equipment to employees.


ITS can provide a loaner laptop to Manhattan College employees under the following circumstances:

  • All Manhattan College Adjunct Professors are eligible to borrow a laptop for an academic term.  The laptop must be returned at the end of the academic term. 

  • If ITS is repairing or maintaining an employee’s assigned computer then, that employee is eligible to borrow a temporary laptop for the duration of the service of the assigned laptop.  An identical or comparable laptop should be provided.

ITS will only provide Manhattan College employees with a loaner projector under the following circumstances.

  • You are a Manhattan College employee who needs a projector for a presentation in a room that does not currently have a projector assigned.  Note that the projector is to be returned at the end of the event.  If the event ends after Client Services closes, the projector should be returned at the beginning of the next business day.
  • You are a Manhattan College employee who needs a projector for a Manhattan College sponsored remote event.  Note that the projector is to be returned by the next business day after the event.


  • ITS can equip loaner laptops with a wide range of licensed software applications such as Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook.
  • ITS clears all user data on loaner laptops upon return, ensuring that sensitive information is not accessible to future users.
  • Other equipment available for short term loans of up to two weeks time:
    • Video Adapter (Not available for all models)
    • Laptop Charger (Not available for all models)
    • Speakers
    • Portable Projection Screen

Getting Started

Please allow two business days for loaner equipment reservations.  Equipment loans are subject to availability.  To request this service click "Request Service" above. 


ITS provides support for this service.

Support Availability

Please visit the Client Services and Support webpage for support availability.


This service is available to Manhattan College employees. 


ITS will reply to requests within 6 hours of being placed.  ITS will complete requests within one week (subject to availability).

Last update 04.12.2022

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