Argos Support


Argos is an easy to use reporting tool that allows you to view Banner data. ITS will work with clients to provide functional support or training.


  • ITS can consult with you or research issues that are functional in nature.

Getting Started

  • Before submitting a ticket, check out our Argos Articles that provide detailed instructions for commonly requested training.
  • Click the "Argos Support" button to the right to request Argos support.


ITS provides support for this service.

Support Availability

General support is provided Monday - Friday between 9:00am - 4:30pm.


This service is available to Manhattan College employees.


ITS will reply to requests within 6 hours of being placed.  


Argos Support

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This article explains the compatibility of the Argos application. The Argos application is only compatible with Windows devices. All other devices must use the Web Viewer.
This article gives a brief overview of navigating the Argos reporting tool.


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