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Create Custom Google Group


ITS provides assistance with creation of custom Google groups.


  • All members of the Manhattan College community can create their own Google groups.  Groups made by a user have "-user" appended to the group name.
  • In order to create a group without the "-user" appended to the group name, you must request this service.


  • ITS can create a custom Google group that can be shared amongst your colleagues.
  • Email can be quickly and easily sent out to a group without severely impacting your daily email send limit.  An email to many counts as only one email.  Click here to learn more about Google sending limits.
  • History of emails sent to the group are archived for easy access on the group page.

Getting Started

To request this service click "Request Service" above.

To learn more about Google groups or get help click here.


ITS provides support for this service.

Google provides support for this service.

Support Availability

Support for this service is available Monday through Friday 9:00AM - 4:30PM.


This service is available to Manhattan College employees.


ITS will reply to requests within 6 hours of being placed.  ITS will complete requests within one week.

Last update 02.1.2016

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