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This article reviews how to manage existing proxies. If needed, see this article to learn how to add a proxy.


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Hint: (How to video provided at bottom of article.)
  • Navigate to Banner Self Service as you normally would.
  • Click Proxy Management

Proxy Management button.

  • Under Proxy Management you will see all of your proxies listed.
  • Underneath the proxy you wish to manage you will see a Pencil and Trash can icon. Clicking the Pencil icon allows you to edit the proxy access. The trash icon will completely delete the proxy access. 

Pencil and Trash icons

  • Note that any changes made will result in an email to the proxy.
  • Clicking on the pencil icon will bring you to the Proxy Information page. This looks identical to the Add Proxy page except that it doesn't have all the fields to identify the proxy such as First Name, Email, etc. Make whatever changes you want to make and click Submit at the bottom.
Hint: (Please ignore the Description box as it is not utilized.)


  • If your proxy has yet to setup their account you may see a message at the top right indicating the proxy password is disabled and/or E-mail was not verified. If you see this message, you may want to send a reminder using the E-Mail Authorizations button above the Submit button.

  • Back at the top of the Proxy Information page there are two other top level pages that you can navigate to. History shows the history if access provided to this proxy. Communication shows all email correspondence sent to the proxy regarding access.

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