How to Email a Candidate on ClearCompany


How to email candidates on ClearCompany.


Windows or Mac, on Chrome. 


Step 1

Navigate to ClearCompany


Step 2

Click on the candidates tab


Step 3

Click on the name of the candidate you want to respond to. This will open their profile.


Step 4

Click on their email address in the upper right-hand corner. You will be taken to the email editor.


Step 5

In the email editor:

  1. Confirm the candidate's email

  2. Sender: This will default to you. If you have an email alias set up, you can select this from the dropdown.

  3. Subject: The subject line of the email. Note that you can input auto-populating information such as candidate name and position title.

  4. Body: The body of the email. Note that you can input auto-populate information such as candidate and manager names.

  5. Allow Candidate to Continue Application: Click this slider if you wish to let the candidate back into the application to make a change or to send them to the second stage of a two-part app.


Step 6

When you are done click send. This will send an immediate email to the candidate.


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