Running a Report using the Advanced Search Feature in 25Live Pro


25Live is Manhattan College’s web-based event publishing and scheduling software solution. 25Live enables users to view event information in real time and request the use of Manhattan College space from any connected device.


These instructions outline how to run a report using the Reports feature in the 25Live Pro Version.  25Live Pro Version:!/home/dash


1. From the 25Live Pro Version Home page, navigate to: "Go to Search" box on the center of the screen.

25Live Pro dashboard with "Go to Search" outlined in a red box


2. Determine which object you wish to focus on and select it from the drop down menu. In this case "Events" was selected but a different Object may work better for others, depending on what data you need to focus on.

Select Object drop down options outlined in a red box, with directions stating select the correct object



3. Select the "More Options" drop down.

More Options in outlined in a red box from the Search menu


4. The "More Options" section allows you to include more customized filters in your search. If you select "Organizations" you may type in the Department you want to get more data on. If one selects "Organizations" this does allow the search to filter for all the Offices and Departments on campus. In addition, it does include all the Professional Organizations, Clubs and Athletic Organizations recognized on the Manhattan College campus.

The More Options drop down box is selected, showing: Cabinets, Organizations & States

5. The "States" menu, allows you to add the following filters to your search, for a more customized report. The Options include: Draft, Tentative, Confirmed, Sealed, Denied & Cancelled.  A good example of when to use one of these one filters may include, if someone is searching for only advertised events, "Confirmed" is an excellent choice to select, as only "Confirmed" events are advertised on 25Live.  


6. Select "Organizations"

The More Options drop down menu is presented with "Organizations" outlined in red

7. A pop window up will appear. Name your search and hit Save.  (For this example, search is named: "mission.")

A pop up window appears with Organizations bolded, the prompt is asking for a name to save the data under

8. Select the data you need to run your report and then select "Done" in the lower right of the screen:

The report presents data from the report, one must select their choice of report, then click Done.


9. Name your search and select "Save As" to save your data.

 Screen presented: Save As is outlined in red and instructions state Select "Save As" to save data

10. There are several options you can choose to select and view your data:

Screen presents different formats for viewing data. One can choose format of how one wants to view data.

11. To run a report, navigate to the More  hamburger menu in the upper right of the screen.

A red arrow is pointing to "More" below hamburger menu in the upper right of screen

12. A drop down Menu will appear:  Select Reports

Drop down menu with an arrow highlighting the Reports section


13. Select Event Reports: Note, for this example we choose "Event Reports" as this is the type of search we used for this example. A different report may be better for others depending on the search you use.

The Event Reports tab is highlighted with a red box

14. Decide which Event Report will work best to capture the data you need.

Hint: We encourage you to review the various report options to find the one that best suits your needs. In this example we are using the Excel which is a nice choice as it allows for quick analysis of a large amount of data.


Drop down menu listing all the Event Reports available: Event Listing Excel is highlighted

15. Under Event Search, select the Event Reports Name you created earlier, the data from this will be used to run the report:

Event Reports screen with a description of the Excel report dispalyed

16. Select Report Parameters: (Select the name you gave your report in Step 7.)


 Select Report Parameters screen displayed this include Report Delivery Options 

17. The report will be delivered in a format that depends on which Event Report you choose.

Hint: For example, if you choose an Excel report, you may need to open Excel on your computer, then open the file in Excel. Look for an .xml file in your downloads folder.


Additional Resources:


Please contact ITS with any questions: Email: or TEL:  718-862-7973

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25Live is Manhattan College’s web-based event publishing and scheduling software solution. 25Live enables users to view event information in real time and request the use of Manhattan College space 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any connected device.