Viewing an Event's Audit Trail in 25Live Pro


The audit trail shows you when changes were made to an event, what the changes were, and which user made them. The audit trail provides creation and modification history for the event, including changes to the event name or state, location/resource assignments and changes, and details of event-related email transmissions. The audit trail is auto-generated by the system. Once added to the audit trail, an entry is never removed.

To View an Event's Audit Trail

  1. Find the event.

Search for the event you wish to delete or choose it from your dashboard starred events. Tap or click on the event name to view the event's details.

  1. Select the Audit Trail link.

In the event's details view, use the Audit Trail link to go to that section. You can sekect the Date, User, or Action column header to sort the entries by that data.

Audit Trail view of an event.

For more help, please contact ITS at or 718-862-7973.

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