Editing an Event in 25Live Pro

To Edit an Event

  1. Search for or select the event.  

Use either Quick Search, keyword searching, or advanced search options to find the event. (See Searching for Events, Locations, Organizations, and Resources for more information.)


You can select the event from a list of your starred events on your dashboard or the List personal view.

  1. Choose to edit the event.

Use the Edit Event link in the Event details toolbar or choose Edit Event from the More Actions menu in the event details view to enter editing mode.

Use either the Edit Event link or the More Actions menu option in the event details view to enter editing mode for an existing event.

  1. Edit individual fields.

Once you're in the editing mode, you may change most of the available fields. You can't change the event type (unless the event is still a "Draft"). Other event details may also be locked against editing, depending on how your 25Live instance has been configured.

Hint: You can also edit some event details inline from the Event Details view.
  1. Save your edited event.

When you've finished making changes, use the Save button to see to the confirmation screen.

Changing Dates and Times in Repeating Events

If you change the event dates/times of a repeating event, 25Live displays a window that lets you specify how you want to map details associated with individual occurrences to the new and/or existing dates.

If you change the event date while editing a repeating event, you will need to choose how to map event occurrences.

Additional Event Editing Notes

  • You cannot change an event in a Sealed state in any way, unless you are a functional administrator with special security rights to do so.
  • You can also edit events with multiple reservations, one reservation at a time.
  • You cannot edit a repeating event (or assign locations/resources) if an occurrence in the event is excluded due to a date constraint.
  • If you are using an older, TCS SIS interface, you can edit events from your student information system (SIS) with a vCalendar alien UID. However, if "vCal Processing" for the event's event type has been set to "Locked Transactional" in the 25Live Administration Utility Event Type Hierarchy, the event may be edited only if a reply/counter has not yet been sent.
    • See the "Understanding vCalendar" (PDF document) on the 25Live Documentation page for more information on the use of vCalendar in 25Live.
    • Contact your Account Manager to learn more about the new Series25 LYNX Interface that offers many improvements over the TCS interfaces.
  • You cannot "unshare" a location assignment once you've saved an event with shared location occurrence(s).
  • To add an organization or contact that doesn't yet exist in the database to an event, choose "Create New..." at the bottom of the dropdown list of names for the field when you're editing organizations or event contacts.

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