Setting up a Yubikey for Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)


A Yubikey is a Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) hardware authentication device made by Yubico that can be used to support MFA password authentication. It can be added to your Duo account as a secondary device for authentication. It should be noted that it is not necessary but a convenient alternative to using your cell phone.


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  1. To add your Yubikey to your Duo, begin by attempting to log in so that you are presented with the authentication prompt. 
    Hint: If you previously selected the option to Remember me for 1 day and do not receive this prompt, then you can log in using an incognito window. There you will be able to receive the prompt.
    Once you see this prompt, select Add a new add a new device
  2. Next to Duo Push, select Send Me a Push. This will send a push notification to your previously registered device so that you can authenticate and start adding a new to duo push select send me a push
  3. Once you are authenticated, select Security Key as the type of device that you are adding and select security key and then select continue
  4. With your Yubikey ready, select Continue.have your yubikey ready and select continue
  5. This screen should now pop up in a separate window. When you see this, insert your Yubikey into the USB port of your computer. Once inserted you will then be prompted to tap the Security Key on the gold circle. enter yubikey in the usb port
  6. Once your Yubikey is added and you are taken to this screen, select Continue to Login. Now that your Yubikey is added, you can now log in using either a push notification to your device or by inserting your continue to login

For more help, please contact ITS at or 718-862-7973.

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