Changing your Cell Phone with Duo for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)


If you've upgraded your phone, gotten a new one, changed your SIM card, or gotten a new cell phone number you may encounter issues with Duo. If you still have access to the cell phone, and have not already done so, you will need enable the Instant Restore feature on your phone. Please reference these instructions for how to do so with an Android or Apple device. 

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have opted into DUO there is NO way to opt out or have it removed from your account.  


Hint: You will need to reinstall the "Duo Mobile" app on your new cell phone. This can be found in the App Store for Apple products and Google Play for Android devices. 
DUO Restore: There is a feature called Instant Restore that works with both Andriod and Apple devices. This feature allows you to migrate all of your DUO protected account when you get a new device. Please use this link for direction on how to enable this feature for your device. 

You may need to adjust your Duo settings by following the directions in this article: How does changing a phone, number, or SIM card affect Duo Mobile? 

For more help, please contact ITS at or 718-862-7973.

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