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ITS provides the Manhattan College community access to both wired and wireless LAN connections in campus buildings.

ITS provides employees assistance with Access Verify. Access Verify is the system that allows for the tracking of attendance via a Magnetic Card Swipe or Optical Card Reader.

Integration between Moodle and Taskstream to sync the following information:
(From Moodle to Taskstream)
- Courses and Sections
- User Creation
- Course/Section (user) Enrollment

ITS provides employees assistance installing software.

Glance MC is Manhattan College's student-developed native app.

It is available for download in the iOS App store and on Google Play.

TeamDynamix is a cloud based system that allows you to easily collaborate, manage, track, and report on your work.

Clear Company - Employment Application Tracking System Support

Use this Service Request to initiate ITS' support for a new Digital Signage system.

ITS provides the Manhattan College community assistance with Google Apps. Google Apps is a catch all for a plethora of Google services available to users. This includes Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Groups, youtube, etc.

To request either Digital Signage Screen Access for a new user - or assistance in posting graphical content, submit your request here.

Manhattan College employees can request software to be installed in Manhattan College computer labs.

ITS provides employees assistance with installation of peripheral devices. This can be a scanner, or other specialized device.

ITS provides the Manhattan College community assistance with classroom & computer lab technology issues.

The Enterprise Applications Team will assist the End User with regards to Functional questions that arise.

If you would like to request access to an additional Banner form, report, or process, please use this service request.

ITS provides Manhattan College employees and students with hardware diagnosis/repair.

The Enterprise Data Team can provide Banner Technical Support to a department and can also coordinate support from Ellucian's Support Center.

Clear Company - Employment Application Tracking System Training

Please check out our attached Knowledgebase articles prior to submitting a ticket. If you still need asssitance, you can submit Moodle issues here.

ITS can consult with the Manhattan College community regarding various technology solutions.

ITS can provide administrative and academic groups with a calendaring application to track and share vacation and other time-out-of-office events with others in your department. As part of this application, we will also provide you with a Google Sheet for aggregating the fiscal-year data.

Manhattan College licenses Qualtrics as its general survey tool. Any current employee or student can create an account to use the tool.

This service consists of a series of links to reports generated by our ticketing and project management system. It includes data with regard to our service delivery statistics but also contains information with regard to rooms that are currently facing technology issues.

Upon request, ITS will provide guest access credentials to Manhattan College employees for their guests.