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Integration between Moodle and Taskstream to sync the following information:
(From Moodle to Taskstream)
- Courses and Sections
- User Creation
- Course/Section (user) Enrollment

ITS provides the Manhattan College community access to both wired and wireless LAN connections in campus buildings.

ITS provides Argos training to Manhattan College employees.

The Enterprise Applications Team will assist the End User with regards to Functional questions that arise.

This service consists of a series of links to reports generated by our ticketing and project management system. It includes data with regard to our service delivery statistics but also contains information with regard to rooms that are currently facing technology issues.

ITS will provide a loaner projector to employees.

ITS provides employees and students access to Office 365 which includes up to five licenses of Microsoft Office free of charge. Please click "Microsoft Office 365 - Free install on up to 5 personal devices" above to learn more about this service.

The definitive - and single - source of campus directory information is Banner Self-Service.  Such information is displayed in the Campus Directory, and pulled into Faculty Profiles.  Many other systems - including Moodle - also use this data.

The Enterprise Data Team would work with the Data Steward in coordinating the upgrade / patch.

Manhattan College employees can request software to be installed in Manhattan College computer labs.

ITS provides employees assistance installing software.

ITS provides employees assistance with installation of printers.

The Faculty Load Reporting Workflow replaces the Faculty Load Worksheet Excel spreadsheet. The new workflow replicates the former spreadsheet process and adds a notification and approval workflow that allows Faculty, Chairs, Deans, and the Provost’s Office to view and manage Faculty Load submissions in a consistent and transparent manner. A number of data points are preloaded from the Banner SIS (Student Information System) and the opportunity exists to correct and/or supplement this data during the submission process.

ITS provides a wide range of project services. To start a new ITS project, use this service.

Dell provides exclusive discounts to members of the Manhattan College Community.

ITS provides the Manhattan College community assistance with managing their JasperNet Account. You can find information regarding resetting your Activation Code or Password here. You can also find information on how to retrieve your username here.

Ninite is a website which allows you to select multiple software applications and create a custom installer to download all of these packages quickly and efficiently. You can download free applications here for Antivirus, Malware removal, Office replacements, etc.

ITS provides employees assistance with creation of custom google groups for commitees, clubs, etc.

Employees can request additional access here.

Clear Company - Employment Application Tracking System

The campus web directory provides a listing of all current employees including name, title, department, office location (building/room), campus telephone, email address, and other relevant information such as "courses taught" for faculty.

ITS provides the Manhattan College community assistance with Google Apps. Google Apps is a catch all for a plethora of Google services available to users. This includes Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Groups, youtube, etc. You can report any issue with Google Apps here.

Wiley is a vendor that MC is working with to help identify and recruit students for the online programs.

Glance MC is Manhattan College's student-developed native app.

It is available for download in the iOS App store and on Google Play.