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This service provides a list of support sites for devices such as laptops, desktops, printers, etc from some of the most common manufacturers.

All data refreshes are to be requested and coordinated across the administrative community.

This service consists of a series of links to reports generated by our ticketing and project management system. It includes data with regard to our service delivery statistics but also contains information with regard to rooms that are currently facing technology issues.

ITS provides employees assistance with installation of peripheral devices. This can be a scanner, or other specialized device.

Request services for Banner document technical issues

Request on demand training for how to use 25Live, the scheduling site needed to book a room on campus.

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ITS provides employees and students access to Office 365 which includes up to five licenses of Microsoft Office free of charge. Please click "Microsoft Office 365 - Free install on up to 5 personal devices" above to learn more about this service.

ITS provides Manhattan College employees Virtual Private Network remote access to the school network.

Manhattan College employees can request software to be installed in Manhattan College computer labs.

Campus ID Cards are distributed and supported at the Campus ID Card office located in Thomas Hall.

ITS provides employees assistance troubleshooting their smartphones.

Request Degree Works access

ITS provides employees assistance setting up their smartphones.

ITS provides the Manhattan College community assistance with the technology in your classroom.

Manhattan College licenses Qualtrics as its general survey tool. Any current employee or student can create an account to use the tool.

ITS provides eligible Manhattan College faculty with a laptop for classroom use.

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Integration between Moodle and Taskstream to sync the following information:
(From Moodle to Taskstream)
- Courses and Sections
- User Creation
- Course/Section (user) Enrollment

The Enterprise Reporting team can assist the End User in their desire to have Banner printing.

Please check the attached Knowledge Base article before requesting assistance.

ITS provides Manhattan College employees assistance with installation of new network connections.

Clear Company - Employment Application Tracking System Training

Request access for Banner Workflow access here

Service to Request Development of a new website, usually using Drupal.