Duo Multi-Factor Authentication Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)


Is the Duo app free?

Yes! There is no cost associated with downloading Duo.

Can I opt out of Duo? 

 No. Once you are enrolled in Duo there is no way to opt out. 

Why enable Push notifications?

Enabling push notifications is easier, quicker, and more secure than recieving a text message or phone call. For more information please reference  Duo's Push Guide

Is MFA hard?

No.  The majority of employees that have enabled MFA have provided feedback indicating that it was much easier than expected.

Why do I have to use Duo for MFA?

Using MFA ensures that sensitive information is protected when you access services such as Banner. It does this by requiring a secondary means of allowing access to your account such as a cell phone, tablet, security key. Using Duo negates the need for VPN and will allow usage of Banner and other services that require you to be hard wired to the College's network.

How will enabling MFA affect me?

Once enabled, MFA will be required to access ALL Jaspernet Services connected to Single Sign On (SSO).  This includes, but is not limited to GSuite (Gmail, Docs, etc), Moodle, Self Service, etc). Please note: After setting up a Duo Account, you will need to wait 10 minutes for it to sync. 

Do I have to use my personal device?

No, but using your personal device is the most convenient and recommended option as most people have their personal devices on them at all times. However, you can use a Manhattan College owned-device such as a cell-phone or tablet for authentication instead. If you do not have a college-owned device, you can use a Duo Hardware Token which can be put on your key chain so it stays with you wherever you are.

What if I have more than one device?

No problem! If you have more than one device please refer to these directions for adding another device. 

What if I have more than one MC account?

If you have more than one Manhattan College account, you can use the same device to set each one up. For example, if you use your cell phone number for one MC account you may use the same cell number for a second MC account. 

Is there a restore feature if I get a new phone? 

Yes. There is a feature called Instant Restore that works with both Andriod and Apple devices. Please use this link for direction on how to enable this feature for your device. 

Will this use data on my device?

Each push notification will use very little data. Please see this article for more detailed information about Duo's data usage.

What if I have no Internet access?

If you do not have access to Internet, you can use a generated pass code from the homepage of the Duo app (Yubikey security key and Duo Hardware Token do not require data). The pass code will still be accessible even if you do not have access to the Internet.

Will I have to use VPN with Duo MFA?

No, for the time being, with Duo MFA you will only have to authenticate your login. You will not need VPN to access services such as Banner. However, the VPN requirement will be removed after ALL BANNER USERS have migrated to MFA - circa 3/1/2020. 

How do I request a Duo Hardware Token?

Simply notify ITS via emailing its@manhattan.edu or through our service catalogue requesting a Duo Hardware Token.  Note that Duo Hardware Tokens require an approval process.  They are typically only provided to clients who do not have a compatible college provided device. 

For more frequently asked questions, please reference Duo's FAQ article.

For more help, please contact ITS at its@manhattan.edu or 718-862-7973.

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