Popular Services

This service consists of a series of links to reports generated by our ticketing and project management system. It includes data with regard to our service delivery statistics but also contains information with regard to rooms that are currently facing technology issues.

Manhattan College licenses Qualtrics as its general survey tool. Any current employee or student can create an account to use the tool.

ITS provides the Manhattan College community assistance with managing their JasperNet Account. You can find information regarding resetting your Activation Code or Password here. You can also find information on how to retrieve your username here.

ITS provides employees assistance with installation of printers.

ITS provides G Suite Enterprise accounts to employees with approved rationales.

For assistance with Moodle Issues, you can request support here.

ITS provides employees assistance installing software.

ITS provides employees and students access to Office 365 which includes up to five licenses of Microsoft Office free of charge. Please click "Microsoft Office 365 - Free install on up to 5 personal devices" above to learn more about this service.

ITS can consult with the Manhattan College community regarding various technology solutions.

Use this service to request multi-factor enrollment using Duo.

ITS provides employees assistance troubleshooting their smartphones.

E2campus provides the Manhattan College emergency notification system.

Remotely is a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) application which allows you to access physical Manhattan College Computer Lab computers remotely via a web browser. All of the processing happens on the computer on campus. This allows for a low powered computer to run high powered applications and also allows for remote access to software in computer labs.

Clear Company - Employment Application Tracking System

25Live is Manhattan College’s web-based event publishing and scheduling software solution. 25Live enables users to view event information in real time and request the use of Manhattan College space 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any connected device.

Request to add service to Inside Manhattan Website quicklinks

Request publisher web calendars

Request self service access

ITS provides employees assistance with Access Verify. Access Verify is the system that allows for the tracking of attendance via a Magnetic Card Swipe or Optical Card Reader.

Employees can request additional access here.

Request on demand training for how to use 25Live, the scheduling site needed to book a room on campus.

Use this Service Request to initiate ITS' support for a new Digital Signage system.

To request Digital Signage Screen Access for a new user or assistance in posting graphical content, submit your request here.

ITS provides employees assistance with creation of custom JasperNet accounts for commitees, clubs, etc.