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Service for reporting issues with Banner 9 update (Summer 2017)

Request Third Party Application data here

Use this service to request multi-factor enrollment using Duo.

E2campus provides the Manhattan College emergency notification system.

ITS provides employees assistance with converting VHS tapes to DVD provided legal release.

Request access for Unimarket

Telephony provides Manhattan College employees access to telephone service.

ITS can consult with the Manhattan College community regarding various technology solutions.

ITS provides Manhattan College employees Virtual Private Network remote access to the school network.

ITS provides employees assistance setting up office technology that was recently moved on campus.

ITS provides employees one license of Microsoft Office at a discounted rate through Microsoft's Home Use Program (MS HUP). Please click "Microsoft Home Use Program (MS HUP)" above to learn more about this service.

ITS provides employees assistance troubleshooting their smartphones.

ITS provides employees assistance with installation of peripheral devices. This can be a scanner, or other specialized device.

ITS offers first level support for Moodle. Submit your question here.

ITS provides employees assistance with installation of printers.

ITS provides employees assistance receiving a new computer or requesting a recycled computer.

ITS provides employees assistance with Access Verify. Access Verify is the system that allows for the tracking of attendance via a Magnetic Card Swipe or Optical Card Reader.

Upon request, ITS will provide guest access credentials to Manhattan College employees for their guests.

Manhattan College employees can request software to be installed in Manhattan College computer labs.

ITS provides the Manhattan College employees and students assistance with software troubleshooting.

Any one at Manhattan College can create an account on Manhattan College's hosted space on Qualtrics.

If you need to upgrade that account, please request here.

The definitive - and single - source of campus directory information is Banner Self-Service.  Such information is displayed in the Campus Directory, and pulled into Faculty Profiles.  Many other systems - including Moodle - also use this data.

This service type is to be used when an end-user needs to have a new banner report developed.

Request a new banner account