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G Suite

This section contains articles related to Google services such as Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, etc.

PC, Software, & Peripheral Support

Information and guides regarding PCs, Software, & Peripherals at Manhattan College

Classroom Technology

Information and instruction guides regarding classroom technology at Manhattan College.

Podium Issues

Information and instruction guides regarding podium issues.

Specialty Room Podium Guides

Information and instruction guides regarding the specialty rooms on campus.

Podium Guides

Description and summary of Classroom Podium Guides.

Additional Resources

This category provides additional information for relevant topics such as G Suite, and PC, Software, and Peripheral support.

Kelly Commons Event Rooms

Articles give instructions for the technology in Kelly Commons 4th & 5th Floor.

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Best Practices for Logging Off in Manhattan College Computer Labs

A guide to ensure the best use of the computers found at Manhattan College computer labs.

Getting Started with LanSchool at Manhattan College

A guide on how to use LanSchool lab pc monitoring software for professors.

How to Refill Printer Paper Allotment Papercut

This guide will explain how to refill computer lab papercut printer paper allotment.

LabSeat: Find an Open Computer on Campus

Article explains how LabSeat software allows clients to find an open PC in campus computer labs.

List of Software Available in Computer Labs

A comprehensive list of the software that is found in the computer labs

Miguel 218 Logitech Camera: Best Practices

A best practices guide for the Miguel 218 camera.

Printing in Miguel 218

A guide on how to add the MGL 218 printer to your computer.

Troubleshooting Corrupt Profiles in a Computer Lab

A guide on how to fix the corrupt profile notification that you may receive when logging back in too quickly after logging out.

Using Google Drive File Stream in Computer Labs

A guide on how to setup Google Drive File Stream on computers in the Manhattan College computer labs.

Using Web Print for Wireless Printing on Campus

A guide on how to print wirelessly using Web Print from a laptop anywhere on campus.

Web Print Best Practices

A guide on the Best Practices to follow when printing using Web Print