Information and instruction guides regarding the specialty rooms on campus.

Articles (19)

Chancellor's Room Checklist

A Cheat Sheet that details essential practices to follow when using the technology in Chancellor's Room.

Chancellor's Room Control Unit Guide

A guide on how to use the technology found in Chancellor's Room.

DLS 300 "Capalbo Room" Podium Guide

A podium guide on the technology found in DLS 300 "Capalbo Room."

DLS 301 Crestron Guide

This guide explains the functionality of the DLS 301 touch screen controller.

DLS 302 Touch Screen Control System

This guide will review the control system in DLS 302.

DLS 309 Camera Control

This article reviews the DLS 309 camera remote control.

Google Meet Hardware Guide

A guide on using the Hangouts Meet Hardware Touch Screen found on the table in Chancellor's Room.

Hayden 100 Podium Guide

A guide on the technology and equipment for Hayden 100 podium guide

Leo 113B Hybrid Learning System

This guide explains the utilization of the Leo 113B hybrid learning system.

Leo 430 Hybrid Lecture Guide

This guide will take you through the steps of using the Hybrid learning environment in Leo 430.

MGL 305 Podium Guide

This article reviews how to use the AV system in MGL 305 to display your device.

MGL 305 Video Conferencing System Guide

This article will review how to use the Video Conferencing System in MGL 305.

Miguel 218

This room is slightly different than other rooms on campus. It has an interactive  SMART Board 8084i Flat Panel with the a variety of interactive and specialty features. Please see article for more detail.

O'Malley 100 (Alumni Room)

A guide to the podium technology found in O'Malley 100 (Alumni Room).

O'Malley 104: Media Room

This room is a media room for the library. It features a projector, Apple TV, desktop PC with monitor and DVD player for various media needs. The projector and all of the sources: (desktop, laptop, Apple TV, DVD Player) are controlled by the Pixie Control Unit located on the the wall behind the teacher's station.

Rodriguez Room

A podium guide for Rodriguez Room

Smith Auditorium Podium Guide

A podium guide explaining how to use the podium technology that is found in Smith Auditorium

Thomas 3.40 Podium Guide

Podium guide for Thomas Hall 3.40

Thomas 3.48 Podium Guide

Podium Guide for Thomas Hall 3.48